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By R. Tourret; ISBN-13 978-0-905878-09-6; A4 Hardback; over 300 pages of good quality paper; £33.00 GBP.

This book deals with the history and design of rail tank wagons used for carrying petroleum and allied products such as LPG, bitumen and shale oil, in England, Scotland and Wales from its beginnings in the late 1870s to the present day. The book starts with a general introductory chapter covering types of product carried, refinery location, livery and design considerations. This is followed by a chapter dealing with the general history which covers the design trends over the years. Finally comes a long chapter, which comprises most of the book, dealing with the activites of individual companies, in alphabetical order, giving details of their tank wagons.

Contains 688 photographs and over 124 drawings. See the Table of Contents.

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