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Table of Contents for The Railways of Palestine and Israel:



Chapter 1: Early Disappointments
Chapter 2: Jaffa to Jerusalem & the Valley Railway
Chapter 3: The Great War
Chapter 4: Palestine Railways (1920 - 1939)
Chapter 5: The Second World War and After (1939-1948)
Chapter 6: Israel Railways
Chapter 7: An Industrial Miscellany

Appendix A: Locomotives
Appendix B: Passenger coaches
Appendix C: Timetables
Appendix D: Summary of principal lines

Map 1: Railways in Palestine built before 1914
Map 2: Turkish built railways of First World War
Map 3: British built railways of First World War
Map 4: Lydda, 1918
Map 5: Palestine Railways, 1920
Map 6: Showing proposed extensions of 1935 around Tel Aviv
Map 7: Palestine Railways in the Second World War
Map 8: Israel Railways
Map 9: Showing planned and proposed extensions to Israel Railways

Gradient profile of Jaffa - Jerusalem line


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