How Do I Subscribe To A Salesforce Dashboard?

Can you subscribe to joined reports in Salesforce?

Allow Joined reports to have Subscription functionality available.

Any user who can run and view a report should have the subscription function available to have the report delivered on a scheduled basis like a tabular report..

How do I see who is subscribed to a Salesforce report?

If you are in Salesforce Classic, simply go to the reports folder and click on ‘All Folders’, on the left side. Then click the pulldown on the right and select ‘Items I’m Subscribed To’. From this page you can view, edit and delete all your current subscriptions.

How do I change the dashboard in Salesforce?

To customize a dashboard, view it and click Edit. From the Dashboard Edit page, you can: See the running user for the dashboard in the Displaying data as field. Click Dashboard Properties to change the title, folder, running user, and more.

How do I change the view in Salesforce dashboard?

Choose a Running User in Salesforce ClassicEdit a dashboard.Click the. … Choose a running user setting. … Optionally, select Let authorized users change running user to enable those with permission to change the running user on the dashboard view page. … Click OK.In the View dashboard as field, enter a running user.Save your dashboard.

How do I share my personal dashboard in Salesforce?

On the Reports tab, hover over a report folder in the left pane, click. , and then select Share.Select Public Groups.Find the group you want, and click Share. To search, start typing a name.Choose the sharing level you want to give this group. … Click Done, review your changes, and click Close.

How do I find the dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

Use an API tool to help you locate all Dynamic DashboardsA SOQL query executed within an API tool can quickly locate Dynamic Dashboards.”SELECT Id,Title FROM Dashboard WHERE Type != … ‘SELECT Id,Title FROM Dashboard USING SCOPE allPrivate WHERE Type !=

How many dynamic dashboards do I have in Salesforce?

How to find how many dynamic dashboards are created in Salesforce…Create a Custom Report Type using the Dashboards type.Create a new report with the new Dashboards Report Type.Select Show All Dashboards.Select the All Time range.Add the following filter: Dashboard Running User equals “Run as logged-in user, Let authorized users change running user”.

How do I automatically refresh dashboard in Salesforce?

For email applications that don’t support HTML, the email includes text and a link to the dashboard.On the Dashboards tab, select a dashboard using the View Dashboard field.Click Refresh and choose Schedule Refresh. … Select notification settings. … Schedule the refresh. … Click Save.

How many reports can a user subscribe to in Salesforce?

5 reportsCurrently, Users can subscribe to a maximum of 5 reports or dashboards and be notified whenever set conditions are met. This maximum limit is currently hard-coded and cannot be increased.

How do I create a dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

From the Dashboards tab, create a new dashboard or edit an existing one. button next to the View dashboard as field. Note If you don’t have “Manage Dynamic Dashboards” permission, just enter a running user and skip to the final step. Enter “*” to see all available users.

How do I refresh dashboard?

Create a button to open the dashboard to which it is publishedIn Model Settings > Actions, select New Action > Open Dashboard. … Enter a name for the button (Refresh) in the Button Name field.Select the name of the dashboard to be refreshed (Sales Forecasting) in the Default Dashboard to Open field and click OK.More items…

How do I subscribe to a dashboard in Salesforce lightning?

To set up dashboard subscriptions, do either of the following on the Dashboards page:Open the dashboard, and then click Subscribe.Find the dashboard you want to subscribe to and select the Subscribe row level action. (

What is subscribe in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic, subscribe to a report to receive report notifications periodically when the metrics you care about most meet certain conditions. Set the conditions that trigger notification, and specify if you want to be notified via Salesforce app notifications, Chatter, or email.

What is a dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

Dynamic dashboards enable each user to see the data they have access to. With a dynamic dashboard, you can control data visibility without having to create a separate dashboard, with its own running user and folder, for each level of data access.

How do I send a report as an attachment in Salesforce?

From the Reports tab or from the report run page, click. | Subscribe.Click Attach File.Choose to attach a Formatted Report ( . XLSX ) or a Details Only ( . … If attaching a details only ( . CSV ) file, optionally choose an encoding.Click Save. … Click Save.

Is it possible to schedule a dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic, dashboards can be scheduled to automatically refresh its data. Dynamic dashboards, where a dashboard is run based on the logged-in user, cannot be scheduled.

How do I subscribe to a Salesforce report?

To schedule emailed reports, select Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu. On the Report Run page, click Subscribe. On the Report Subscription page, choose whether to be notified each time conditions are met or only the first time.

How do I set up a dashboard in Salesforce?

Select a Default Home Page Dashboard within Salesforce ClassicClick Customize Page in the “Dashboard” section of the Home tab.Select a dashboard to be the Home Page default.Click Save.

Can we schedule reports in Salesforce?

On the Reports tab, click a report name. Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu. If you’re creating a new report, you are asked to save the report in a folder before scheduling. If the report folder is shared with a group, you can schedule the report only for the entire group.

How do I set up email alerts in Salesforce?

Add email alerts to your workflow rule’s criteria.Click Add Workflow Action and choose New Email Alert.Enter a description and unique name for the email alert. … Choose an email template.Select who receives email alerts from the workflow rule. … Click Save.