How Do You Calculate Email AHT?

What causes high AHT?

Reasons For a High AHT Inexperienced customer service representatives.

Lack of automation or no interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Not taking time to review calls and processes.

Ineffective call routing..

What is the average call handling time?

28 minutesThe resulting 28 minutes is the average handle time — way over the industry standard! According to Call Centre Magazine, the industry standard AHT is 6 minutes and 10 seconds.

What is KPI for call center?

Call center KPIs must be a measurable value that managers and directors can look at periodically, to see how well the contact center is meeting various operational objectives and whether their agents are meeting the customer’s needs and expectations for a high-quality customer experience.

What is ACW?

ACW refers to the tasks that an advisor completes in the wrap time after a call. … It is good practice to reduce ACW time by completing tasks while on the phone, as long as advisors communicate what they are doing with the customer.

How do you avoid holding customers?

Here are 5 tools businesses can use to avoid putting their customers on hold:1—Call Analytics. Inefficient systems give IVR a bad name. … 2—Intelligent Routing. Even if you are only using IVR as a receptionist, you can still use the technology to reduce or eliminate call queues. … 3—Scalability. … 4—Callback. … 5—Surveys.

Why is AHT important in a call center?

The lower the AHT, the more efficient a call center tends to be operating. It means a representative can handle more calls, more customers can be served, and customers will see resolutions more quickly. … Help agents be more efficient during the call to get customers off the phone more quickly.

How do call centers reduce hold time?

How to Reduce Hold Time in a Call Center and Other TipsUtilize Call Data. … Monitor Agent Call Performance. … Record Calls. … Keep an Updated Knowledge Base. … Utilize Conference Calls. … Optimize Call Routing. … Update The On-Hold Message. … Keep Customer Information Up-To-Date.More items…

What is the formula for calculating AHT?

To calculate average handle time, add total talk time with total hold time, then add ACW. Lastly, divide that by the total number of calls to get the AHT. AHT can be assessed per agent, per department, or across the organization.

How can I reduce my AHT?

21 Top Tips for Reducing Average Handling Time (AHT)Automate simpler queries to reduce the general workload. … “Acknowledge, Answer, Ask” can make each call more efficient. … Cut down on after-call work (ACW) instead of customer talk time. … Aim to resolve every customer query on the first contact. … Wrap-up codes can drive up unproductive time.More items…•