Question: Can BSC Student Do MCA?

Can a biology student do MCA?

Dear shiavangi,yes you can do MCA form any college.

there is no problem from your Bio and Maths.!.

Dear shiavangi,yes you can do MCA form any college..

Are MCA engineers?

No, MCA is not an Engineering degree. It’s a Post-graduation degree. You can do MCA after completion of a BCA degree. MCA is similar to Btech Computer Science Engineering.

Can we do MCA after Bcca?

Any graduates who have studied mathematics as a subject can also apply. As you have BCCA degree, you can definitely apply. Others who have studied mathematics as a subject in 12th class can also apply.

Can BSc maths student do MCA?

Yeah u can do MCA after BSC Maths. Various NIT s are offering MCA and also private engineering college. Initial step is to pass in the MCA Entrance exam of the respective state or,and for NIT’s its a common test. Greater advantage is that usually Maths graduates crack well in these entrance exams.

Is MCA difficult?

Numerous reasons are there why the Masters in Computer applications is considered to be a tough course. One can say that the reason behind this is the duration of this program is 3 years and not the normal 2 years like any other postgraduate level program.

Is MCA good after BSc?

Yes sure you can do the MCA after the B.Sc course. Those students who have done the 12th class or graduation with the math subject then they are eligible to apply. The admission in the MCA course is through the entrance exam which is conducted at the national & state level every year.

Is MBA easier than MCA?

Both are equally tough. It basically depends on what subjects you pursued in graduation. BCA makes MCA easier as well as BBA makes MBA easier. All depends on dedication you have which can make any course easier!

Can I do MCA after BSc PCM?

Yes you can pursue MCA course after BSc. … Yes you can pursue MCA course after BSc.

Why do we do MCA?

MCA qualified students can find jobs easily in government and private sector. Numerous job are available in both the sectors. Candidates can get profiles as per their skills and caliber. If you pursue the course from a well-recognized university, you will get the better jobs and career opportunities in this field.

What is the salary after MCA?

Average Salary of MCA Graduates – Experience WiseExperienceSalary per monthFor FresherRs. 15,000 – Rs. 36,0001 -3 yearsRs. 26,000 – Rs. 44,000Above 5 yearsRs. 40,000 – Rs. 1,50,000Avg. Salary for MCA in USA$1500 – $3500Dec 10, 2018

Why MCA is important?

MCA helps in preparing you to jump in the industry as system designers, system analysts, designers, and programmers, etc. The course, thus, focus at imparting inclusive knowledge with equal importance given to both theory and practical.

Can a MCA student get job in Google?

Yes. Google does hire MCA students. … Tech students will compete with you, so you need to be strong at your subjects.

How can I do MCA after 12th?

Eligibility Criteria for MCA According to AICTE, to pursue an MCA course candidates must have pursued BCA/ BSc/ BCom/ BA degree with Mathematics as one of the subjects at 10+2 level or at graduation.

Is MBA better than MCA?

For instance, MBA is suitable for those candidates who are good at managerial plus administration skills and can handle stress and deadlines whereas MCA is suitable for those individuals who are interested in general computer applications and want to enhance their insight to be more technically sound.

Can we do MCA after btech?

As MCA is a masters degree in computer applications and you are very much interested in computers you join a good computer software programming course which can increase your opportunities in the field of computers. … You can study MCA after BE/B. Tech, but I don’t suggest this. Both are equal in qualification.

Is MCA better than MSc?

MSc Computer Science is a 2-year programme whereas MCA is a three-year full-time programme. … Also, MTech in CS can be pursued only after MCA or BTech and therefore it is more time efficient for pursuing MSc in Computer Science.