Question: How Do I Access The PI Hole Web Interface?

What is Raspberry Pi hole?

What is Pi-hole.

Pi-hole is a network-wide ad blocker.

Instead of installing adblockers on every device and every browser, you can install Pi-hole once on your network, and it will protect all of your devices..

How do you SSH into Pi holes?

Log into the Pi via SSH: ssh pi@ip_address (where ip_address is the IP of the Pi) — accept the hostkey by typing yes when prompted, then enter the default Pi password, raspberry . Reboot the Pi ( sudo reboot ) and log back in via SSH. Run sudo raspi-config to configure basic settings: Set a new (secure) password.

Does Pihole stop YouTube ads?

Short non techie answer: They block them in different ways. Ublock blocks by scanning content in a website essentially “reading” the page, PiHole blocks by blocking adverts at source (without “reading” the content). If the advert and the video come from the same source, PiHole can’t block the ads, but ublock can.

Should I use Pihole as DHCP server?

By using it as your DHCP server it becomes more authoritative when it comes to setting DNS values for hosts joining the network – since the pihole is the one handing out IPs it can then tell devices the DNS servers to use. … I currently have my router’s primary dns to pi-hole and second as quad9.

How can I change my IP address in pi hole?

To correct this, ensure the 192.168. 0.40 address of the Pi-Hole is statically assigned in the current router. Then, run pihole -r from the command terminal on the Pi-Hole host, and select the reconfiguration option. You will be asked if the currently assigned IP address is the one you want Pi-Hole to use.

Does Pihole slow Internet?

Pi-hole has no effect on your internet speed. None of the data traffic from a client goes through Pi-hole; that traffic is solely between the client and the router. Only the very low bandwidth DNS traffic goes to the Pi-hole. Pi-hole also has zero impact on the WiFi stability on your network.

Why is Pi hole?

Using VPN services, Pi-Hole can block domains without using a DNS filter setup in a router. … The nature of Pi-hole allows it to also block website domains in general by manually blacklisting the domain name. Likewise, domains can be whitelisted manually should a website’s function be impaired by domains being blocked.

Is Pi Hole effective?

In my experience, Pi-hole is 100% effective at bypassing Ad blocker detection. I’ve seen absolutely no “Ad blocker detected” pop-ups when browsing the since switching to Pi-hole. The other main advantage of Pi-hole over other ad blockers is it’s ability to work on all devices on your network.

Does Pihole use Dnsmasq?

Pi-hole uses pi-hole-ftlAUR (dnsmasq fork) to seamlessly drop any and all requests for domains in its blocklist. Running it effectively deploys network-wide ad-blocking without the need to configure individual clients.

How do you connect pi hole?

Connecting your hardwareConnect an Ethernet cable from your Pi-hole Box to your router.Connect your Keyboard & Mouse to the USB ports on the Pi-hole Box.Connect a HDMI cable to your TV/Monitor.Connect a micro USB DC power supply to the Pi-hole Box.

Can websites detect Pihole?

Pi-hole blocks those addresses at a network level, so none of the devices accessing the Web on that network—say, your home wi-fi—will download or even see those ads. … A difference between companies like eyeo and the community-based efforts is that Adblock Plus allows Web sites to detect its presence.

How do you change pi hole settings?

Log into the Pi-hole administrator console http://192.168.x.y/admin where 192.168. X.Y is the IP address you have set for your Pi-hole. Click on the settings menu on the left-hand side. Under settings, there should be a section for turning the Pi-hole DHCP server.

How do you install pi hole on Windows?

Step by step instructionsStep 1 – Download Docker. … Step 2 – Install Docker. … Step 3 – Configure Docker. … Step 4 – Download Pi-hole. … Step 5 – Give your PC a static IP address. … Step 6 – create a customized Docker command. … Step 7 – run your script and start your Pi-hole server. … Step 8 – Check Pi-hole is up and running.More items…•