Question: Is Newcastle Safe At Night?

Where should I live in Newcastle?

Top 5 Places to Live in NewcastleJesmond.

Jesmond is one of the most popular places to live in Newcastle.


Although one of the popular summer destinations in the North East, Tynemouth is a fantastic place to live if you want somewhere lively that still has that village feel.

Whitley Bay..

Is Elswick rough?

Known to many outsiders across Newcastle as being ‘rough’, this Newcastle West End road is really not as bad as it’s reputation, according to residents. Stretching nearly 1,900 metres across the heart of Elswick, this road is no stranger to antisocial behaviour or crime.

Where has the lowest crime rate in England?

There were 47,929 crimes in North Yorkshire, which gives a crime rate of 58.1 per 1,000 of the population which is the lowest crime rate nationally and substantially lower than the average of 89 per 1,000 across England and Wales.

What’s the worst place to live in UK?

10 of the worst places to live in the UKHuddersfield.Rochdale.Rotherham.Nottingham.Keighley.Wakefield.Stoke-on-Trent.Halifax.More items…•

How many Muslims are in Newcastle?

The religious make up of Newcastle upon Tyne is 56.4% Christian, 27.8% No religion, 6.3% Muslim, 1.1% Hindu, 0.6% Buddhist, 0.4% Sikh, 0.2% Jewish, 0.1% Agnostic. 17,639 people did not state a religion.

What is the roughest part of Newcastle?

Below are the 10 most dangerous places to live in the Northumbria Police force area.Newcastle Central – 1,317 crimes. … Byker and Walker – 823 crimes. … West Shields and Riverside – 821 crimes. … Central Gateshead – 733 crimes. … Sunderland West – 729 crimes. … Sunderland North – 702 crimes. … Sunderland Central – 654 crimes.More items…•

What is the crime rate in Newcastle?

Crime rates in Newcastle upon Tyne, United KingdomLevel of crime44.04ModerateCrime increasing in the past 3 years57.57ModerateWorries home broken and things stolen37.33LowWorries being mugged or robbed31.84LowWorries car stolen30.01Low8 more rows

Is Newcastle a good place to live?

UK’s cities ranked: Newcastle named as one of the best places to live and work – Chronicle Live.

Is Newcastle rough?

No rougher than any other city I know of. There are ‘rough areas’ such as Benwell or Cruddas Park, but equally there are ‘genteel’ areas such as Jesmond or Ponteland, the latter being where most NUFC footballers tend to live, and even the local rapist is a millionaire.

Is fenham a rough?

Some will argue Fenham is also a little rough but I would argue that only a small part of Fenham is a little on the rough side, Arthur hill is safe which is where a lot of students live. Gosforth, Spital tongue and Heaton are very safe areas in terms of living.

Is Newcastle upon Tyne a safe city?

Newcastle is generally quite a safe city. The index of crime is moderate to low. But it increases last year, especially property crimes such as vandalism and theft. So be sure you lock your doors and cars, park it on guarded parka lots, and do not leave valuables in it.

Is Newcastle University safe?

Newcastle’s crime rate is 0.54 per 100 residents. The City of London has the highest crime rate. 5.16 crimes per 100 residents. So Newcastle is fairly safe.

Is Newcastle a poor city?

Newcastle is the 53rd most deprived English local authority, out of 326. More than 20% of Newcastle’s population live in areas that are among the 10% most deprived in the country. That is 65,000 people.

Is it expensive to live in Newcastle?

Newcastle is a city with a relatively low cost of living. Rent for private accommodation is reasonable and travelling around the city is inexpensive. You can expect your money to go further than in many other UK university cities.

What are the best suburbs to live in Newcastle?

Best Newcastle suburbs to live in. Moving from Sydney to Newcastle….Pro: It has great beachesNewcastle Beach.Nobby’s Beach.Horse Shoe Beach.Dixon Park Beach.Stockton Beach.Dudley Beach.

What’s Newcastle famous for?

What is Newcastle Most Famous For?Start the day with a cup of Earl Grey under Grey’s Monument.Shop at Fenwick’s flagship store.Must-See: Newcastle Castle.Cross some (or all) of the seven bridges.Watch a match at St. … Must-See: Great North Museum: Hancock.Relax in Jesmond.More items…

Where should I not live in Newcastle?

If you are buying, there is a huge price differential between different areas of Newcastle, beware if something appears very cheap, there will be a catch! In general The best areas are Gosforth and Jesmond, the worst are Benwell, Scotswood and Cowgate to the West and Walker to the East.

Where do footballers live in Newcastle?

Darras HallRegionNorth EastCountryEnglandSovereign stateUnited KingdomPost townNEWCASTLE UPON TYNE16 more rows