Question: What Does I’Ve Got Mean?

What is the difference between I got and I have got?

While both “I’ve got and I have got” mean the same thing there is a distinction between the two.

“I’ve got” is more informal.

“I have got” is more “proper” .

In other words, if you were speaking with a professor (or the Queen) you would use “I have got”..

Have or got meaning?

The answer is that have and have got are the same in meaning when we want to express possession of something. And, yes, they are very often interchangeable.

Is saying got it rude?

It can be used as a rude way to speak to someone, “you got it?” is a blunt way of saying “do you understand me?”. There are different situations where it may not be rude because much is connected with your tone of voice, or the emotion behind your words. For example,”got it” can be used in yet another way.

What mean I ve?

I’ve is the usual spoken form of ‘I have,’ especially when ‘have’ is an auxiliary verb. I’ve been invited to meet with the ambassador.

Have got has got rule?

We use has got in the 3rd person singular (he,she, it), and we use have got with all other persons. I have got a brother. I’ve got a brother. You have got a sister.

What is the difference between I have had and I had?

If you have a sentence in the past tense well it’s good news, because no matter what subject you have, you will always use had. So here They had a car. That means they don’t have a car now – They had a car in the past. But we’re using had because it’s in the past tense.

Has anyone got or gotten?

This verb form will follow “have,” “has,” or “had” in a sentence. And American English uses both “got” and “gotten” as past participles: We use “got” when referring to a state of owning or possessing something. We use “gotten” when referring to a process of “getting” something.

Is I’ve got correct grammar?

As I’ve said, it’s perfectly fine to say, “have got” if you’re in America, though it is less formal than plain old “have.” Even less formal than “have got”—and probably considered objectionable by most grammarians—is simply “got” by itself.

What does I have mean?

—used to say that one suddenly remembers, understands, or has found something —usually I’ve got it.

What does I’ve got you mean?

In (at least American) slang, saying “I got you” means either “I get what you’re saying” or “I’ve got your back”. In child games of tag, saying “I got you!” means that you caught someone.

How do you use have had in one sentence?

We use have had in the present perfect when the main verb is also “have”:I’m not feeling well. I have had a headache all day.She has had three children in the past five years.We have had some problems with our computer systems recently.He has had two surgeries on his back.

When we use have got?

We use have (got) here to refer to both verbs: I’ve got a terrible pain in my back. They haven’t got a car. We use have (got) to talk about possession, relationships, characteristics and illnesses.

Is got a slang word?

Many listeners, including Sigrid, have been wondering if the phrase “have got” is acceptable English. Well, you have got to check out our previous episode on that topic. It’ll tell you that the answer is yes, you can use this expression, though it is considered informal.

What is I’ve short for?

short form of I have: I’ve been waiting an hour already.