Question: What Is The Antonym For Tomorrow?

What is a day after tomorrow called in one word?

The day after tomorrow is called “overmorrow”..

How do you say for now?

meantimeat the same time.concurrently.for now.for the duration.for the moment.for the the interval.More items…

What is another word for today?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for today, like: the present, this moment, this day, our time, nowadays, present, now, time, yesterday, tomorrow and of-yesterday.

What is a fancy word for food?

What is another word for food?cookingcuisineentréemealgastronomybakinggourmet foodepicureanismgourmandisecatering7 more rows

What is a synonym for tomorrow?

by-and-by, future, futurity, hereafter, offing.

Is Yesternight a real word?

Yesternight is not a word that is used anymore. The only exception would be if you’re talking to Thor or Loki (of Aasgard).

Is Overmorrow a word?

Overmorrow: on the day after tomorrow. So instead of having this word, we have the wordy “day after tomorrow.” German still has this very useful word: übermorgen.

Can be eaten word?

Edible and eatable both refer to something that is “able to be eaten,” but edible is usually used to describe something that is safe to eat, without regard to taste, while eatable often describes something that has some level of acceptable flavor.

What is the opposite of tomorrow?

Antonym of TomorrowWordAntonymTomorrowYesterdayGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the antonym of eating?

Antonyms of EATING inedible, nondigestible, uneatable, Undigestible, indigestible.

What is the antonym of today?

Antonyms of TODAY away, hitherto, distant, absent, former, previously, heretofore, preceding, out-of-date, late, formerly, previous, succeeding, past, obsolete, farthest, outdated, before, old-fashioned, later, then, future, antiquated, ancient, ago, once, far, long, remotest, earlier, eventually, passe, never, old.

What is another name for future?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for future, like: anticipated, prospective, inevitable, forthcoming, coming time, in the course of time, to-be, tomorrow, impending, coming and approaching.

What is the opposite rude?

Antonym of RudeWordAntonymRudePolite, CourteousGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is opposite of man?

Woman is the opposite gender to man. When referring to people being opposites of each other, without qualifying, it’s usually about their qualities and personalities being opposites.

What can I say instead of the next day?

What is another word for the next day?subsequentlyafterwardafterwardslaterthenconsequentlyensuinglylatterlynextthereafter53 more rows

What’s another word for food?


What is opposite of now?

What is the opposite of now?eventuallylaternot nowsomedayyetsooner or laterat some stageat some pointin timeafter some time14 more rows

Is there a word for day after tomorrow?

No. There may have been one, or more, and there may still be dialectal variants around here and there. But there’s no general word; instead there’s a fixed phrase, which you used: the day after tomorrow. … If there were such a word, it would be overmorrow.