Quick Answer: Can Hamster Eat Carrots?

Can hamsters eat banana?

Yes – but only in small amounts and not very often.

Only give your hamster fresh banana or dried banana that has no sugar or preservatives added..

What is the best hamster food?

The Best Hamster Food.1 Kaytee Fiesta Hamster Food.2 Oxbow Animal Health Hamster Food.3 Wild Harvest Hamster Food.4 Sunseed Dwarf Hamster Formula.5 Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food.6 SupremePetfoods Tiny Friends Hamster Food.7 Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Hamster Food.More items…•

Can hamsters eat cheerios?

Cheerios are a great treat to give to hamsters. They have barely any sugar and my hamsters lovee em! They are much better than a lot of other treats!

What smell attracts hamsters?

Something with a pungent aroma will help to attract the hamster from its hidey-hole. Apple slices, fresh green vegetables such as broccoli, or boiled/scrambled egg are favourites.

What food is poisonous to hamsters?

Foods You Should Not Feed HamstersApple seeds.Raw beans.Raw potatoes.Almonds.Citrus fruit.Garlic.Onions.Rhubarb leaves or raw rhubarb.More items…•

Can hamsters eat chocolate?

Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate: It contains theobromine and is toxic in large amounts, which is easy to do with the tiny, sweet-toothed hamster. … Garlic: This can cause indigestion and blood disorders in moderate amounts. Kidney beans, uncooked: These are toxic to hamsters; do not feed!

Can I feed my hamster carrots everyday?

Give your hamster one or two baby carrots a week. Don’t give them a lot because carrots are high in sugar. … Carrots are a treat, so they do not affect the regular mix. You do not have to give carrots every day, but a small piece daily is fine.

Can I give my hamster a whole baby carrot?

You should not give an entire carrot top to your hamster. This is too much food, and will most likely rot in your hamster’s cage. Instead, feed a small amount of carrot tops to see if your hamster likes them. Some hamsters don’t find carrot tops as appealing as the carrots themselves.

Can a hamster eat pistachios?

The good news is that hamsters can absolutely eat pistachios! They can be a healthy snack if given in the right amounts!

What foods can kill a hamster?

Ask your vet about toxic foods.Tomato leaves.Almonds.Avocado.Potatoes and potato chips.Onions.Garlic.Chocolate.Apple seeds.More items…

How much carrot can a hamster eat?

Hamsters love feeding on carrots, but because they are high in sugar, the best amount of carrot to feed to your hamster is a half to one teaspoon every one or two days. Feeding it half a teaspoon is sufficient to meet its requirements.

Can carrots kill hamsters?

Carrots are safe for hamsters in that they won’t make them immediately sick or kill them. But feeding carrots day after day, week after week will significantly increase a dwarf hamster’s risk of developing diabetes. There’s no need to panic.

What are teddy bear hamsters?

The teddy bear hamster is a colloquial name for the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus), also known as a golden hamster. They are by far the most common variety of hamster and are kept as pets the world around.

Can hamsters eat apples with skin?

Apple peel is actually quite nutritious, containing dietary fiber and vitamins. Therefore, you don’t need to remove the peel, as hamsters can safely eat it. It never hurts to give the apple a good wash to remove any possible pesticides before feeding to your hamster.

What vegetables can a hamster eat?

Romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, carrot tops, broccoli spears, spinach, artichokes and any other dark green veggies are great choices. Avoid iceberg lettuce and other veggies or fruits (like watermelon) that are high in water content as they can cause diarrhea.

Can hamster eat apples?

The ones that are safe for him to eat are: broccoli, parsley, apple, pear, carrot and turnip. So that your hamster doesn’t hoard away fresh food that will rot, give it to him in small portions and remove any uneaten pieces daily. Many fruit and vegetables are bad for hamsters and can kill them.

What should you not feed hamsters?

Some foods you should not feed your hamster include:The leafy green parts of a tomato. These tomato parts are so toxic to hamsters they can be fatal.Meats high in fat.Chocolate or other candy.Junk food (chips, etc.)Beans and potatoes. … Onions, garlic, peppers. … Almonds. … All citrus fruits.

Can hamsters eat popcorn?

Yes, popcorn is safe for hamsters, but as we mentioned, only if it’s plain and fully popped. You should also take care to give popcorn in moderation. … Feeding lots of treats or an imbalanced diet can result in your hamster having nutritional deficiencies. Furthermore, the popcorn should be air-popped.