Quick Answer: How Does YouTube Premium Free Trial Work?

How do I redeem my YouTube premium for free?

How to redeem your YouTube Premium trialComplete your purchase.Open YouTube App.

Go to Account and Sign in.Go to “Get YouTube Premium”Click on “TRY IT FREE”Complete your purchase.Open YouTube App.

Go to Account and Sign in.Go to “Get YouTube Premium”Click on “TRY IT FREE”More items….

How do I cancel my free trial?

To cancel your free trial started with Google Play:On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.Check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account.Tap Menu → Subscriptions.Select Yousician.Tap Cancel Subscription.Follow the instructions.

How do I get my money back from YouTube premium?

Follow these steps on a computer:Go to youtube.com/purchases.Go to the item that you would like refunded.Select ‘Problem with purchase?’ on the item.Click ‘Request a refund’ Confirm.

How do I pay for YouTube Premium with Google?

How to redeem Youtube premium code from Google Pay – FAQsSign in to your Google Account.Go to youtube.com/redeem.Enter the code.Click Next.Select what you’d like to buy and then select Google Pay as the payment method.Click Buy to redeem your code.

Can I pay for YouTube Premium with Google Play?

By paying $10/month for a Google Play Music subscription, you got music streaming through Google Play Music and ad-free YouTube through YouTube Red. … Now, instead of access to YouTube Red, Google Play Music subscribers will get YouTube Music Premium: A music service that’s strikingly similar to Google Play Music.

How do I pay for YouTube Premium with Google pay?

First, select a plan and then proceed to pay using UPI. To buy YouTube Premium membership, tap on your user profile > Tap on “Get YouTube Premium” > On the next screen, tap on “Get YouTube Premium” again > Select a plan. Once you tap on a YouTube Premium plan, it will take you to the payment screen.

Does YouTube premium have a free trial?

This offer is only available to those signing up to YouTube Premium for the first time, and after your 3-month free trial period, you will incur a charge. However, Google will warn or remind you before your specific trial period is set to end to confirm that you’re happy to pay to continue your subscription fees.

Can I cancel YouTube premium after free trial?

If you cancel your membership during a free trial, your trial membership will no longer be automatically rolled over into a paid subscription at the end of the free trial. You’ll continue to have access until the end of the trial period.

Does anyone actually pay for YouTube premium?

YouTube Premium offers everything from YouTube Music Premium, but with ad-free video, playing videos in the background without having to be in the app, video downloads, and access to YouTube originals for $12/month. … With that said, it’s unlikely that the video-based benefits are worth $2/month to YouTube.

Is YouTube Premium easy to cancel?

Click your avatar in the upper right corner and click “Paid memberships.” 3. You should see YouTube Premium listed as a paid membership. Click “Cancel Membership.”