Quick Answer: How Long Is The AAPC CPC Course?

How much is the AAPC CPC exam?

The exam cost is $425 ($380 for AAPC students).

You must register and pay for the exam at least three weeks in advance of taking it.

If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you may take the exam a second time at no cost, within a year.

You may take the exam as many times as necessary to pass..

What is CPC salary?

An early career Certified Professional Coder (CPC) with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹350,695 based on 58 salaries. A mid-career Certified Professional Coder (CPC) with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹591,980 based on 16 salaries.

What pays more medical billing or coding?

Medical billers and coders ensure that health care providers are paid by insurance companies, by putting patients’ treatment information into industry-recognized formats. In terms of average salary, there is no difference between medical billing vs. medical coding.

How long is the AAPC CPC exam?

within 5 hours and 40 minutesYou must complete the CPC exam within 5 hours and 40 minutes and answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass.

Is CPC exam difficult?

To pass AAPC’s CPC exam, you have to score 70 percent: of 150 questions, total, you may miss 45 answers. This test is not about memorization. It’s about knowing how to find the best answer.

How long does it take to become CPC certified?

Medical billing and coding certifications may be completed in as little as four months or as long as fifteen months. Length of medical billing training will depend upon field specialties and the amount of time that you can dedicate to classes each week. You can take courses online or in person.