Quick Answer: What’S The Opposite Of Fetch?

How do you use the word fetch?

Fetch sentence examplesThe two boys saw him and ran to fetch his shoes.

You fetch souls instead of the death-dealers.

I’ll fetch some next time I am in town.

One morning I left the cage on the window-seat while I went to fetch water for his bath.More items….

What’s another word for Fetch?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fetch, like: summon, go-after, attract, realize, ghost, inhale, obtain, sweep, trick, let-go and free.

Who can make fetch happen?

Gretchen Wieners: That is so fetch! Regina George: Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!

How does fetch delivery work?

The service, which launched in 2016, works like this: When residents place an online order, instead of having the package delivered to their home address, it is sent to Fetch. Residents receive instant notification when the package arrives at the Fetch facility, and they can schedule delivery in a two-hour window.

Will be brought or will be bring?

Bring is a verb that means to come to a place or convey a meaning and is a present-tense verb. Example: ‘I will bring you some chocolates. … Brought means exactly the same as above, but that it has already happened (past tense of bring. Brought means to bring about cause to happen.

What is the meaning of the word fetch?

verb (used with object) to go and bring back; return with; get: to go up a hill to fetch a pail of water. to cause to come; bring: to fetch a doctor. to sell for or bring (a price, financial return, etc.): The horse fetched $50 more than it cost.

Is fetch a bad word?

A friend has issue with the use of “fetch” used to mean “go get someone.” She referred to its association with having a dog “fetch” something as being offensive: “it is not okay to use a word commonly known for a dog retrieving a bone to refer to a human being – period.” And also hinted its use as being inappropriate …

Can you fetch me meaning?

Fetch means to go to another place to get something or someone and return with the thing or the person.

What is Fetch used for?

What is fetch? The Fetch API is a simple interface for fetching resources. Fetch makes it easier to make web requests and handle responses than with the older XMLHttpRequest, which often requires additional logic (for example, for handling redirects). Note: Fetch supports the Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).