What Is Fluent API In C#?

Why fluent interface is bad?

Fluent Interfaces are harder to Mock.

Fluent Interfaces make diffs harder to read.

Fluent Interfaces are less readable (personal feeling) Fluent Interfaces cause BC breaks during early development stages..

What is fluent API in Entity Framework?

Fluent API is another way to configure your domain classes. … The Code First Fluent API is most commonly accessed by overriding the OnModelCreating method on your derived DbContext. Fluent API provides more functionality for configuration than DataAnnotations.

What is mapping in Entity Framework?

It is a tool to access the database. More accurately, it’s classified as an Object/Relational Mapper (ORM) which means it maps data in a relational database into objects of our applications. Entity Framework.

How do you add a table map in Entity Framework?

Create and Edit Association MappingsRight-click an association in the design surface and select Table Mapping. … Click Add a Table or View. … Select the table to which the association will map. … For each key property, click the Column field, and select the column to which the property will map.

What is OnModelCreating?

The DbContext class has a method called OnModelCreating that takes an instance of ModelBuilder as a parameter. This method is called by the framework when your context is first created to build the model and its mappings in memory.

What is DbContext C#?

A DbContext instance represents a combination of the Unit Of Work and Repository patterns such that it can be used to query from a database and group together changes that will then be written back to the store as a unit. DbContext is conceptually similar to ObjectContext.

What is fluent interface in C#?

What is a Fluent Interface? A fluent interface is a method of designing object-oriented APIs based extensively on method chaining with the goal of making the readability of the source code to that of ordinary written prose, essentially creating a domain-specific language within the interface. — Wikipedia.

What is fluent API Java?

Fluent API means to build an API in such way so that it meets the following criteria: The API user can understand the API very easily. The API can perform a series of actions in order to finish a task. In Java, we can do it with a series of method calls (chaining of methods).

Which of the following class is used as fluent API in EF core?

ModelBuilder classIn Entity Framework Core, the ModelBuilder class acts as a Fluent API. By using it, we can configure many different things, as it provides more configuration options than data annotation attributes.

What is ModelBuilder in Entity Framework?

Definition. Provides a simple API surface for configuring a IMutableModel that defines the shape of your entities, the relationships between them, and how they map to the database. You can use ModelBuilder to construct a model for a context by overriding OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder) on your derived context.

Is method chaining bad?

Method chaining is acceptable if it involves performing the same action on the same object – but only if it actually enhances readability, and not just for writing less code.

What is fluent API in C#?

Entity Framework Fluent API is used to configure domain classes to override conventions. EF Fluent API is based on a Fluent API design pattern (a.k.a Fluent Interface) where the result is formulated by method chaining. … You can use Data Annotation attributes and Fluent API at the same time.