What Is More And Less?

What is another word for more or less?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for more-or-less, like: about, somewhat, approximately, generally, nearly, close-to, just-about, around, approximate, in-general and moderately..

What is the opposite of less?

When used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb, the opposite of less is ‘more’. If it functions as a preposition, its opposite is ‘plus’.

What is more often than not means?

Definition of more often than not : happening more than half the time He wins more often than not.

How do you use the word less?

Fewer means “not as many.” We use fewer with countable nouns like cookies. Cookie Monster was told to eat fewer cookies. Less means “not as much.” We use less with uncountable nouns like milk.

Are less people correct?

People is most frequently a plural count noun, a plural of person. As you know, few is the quantifier that goes with plural count nouns, such as a few chairs and a few cars. The comparative form of few is fewer. So, the logical and correct expression is fewer people than before.

How do you use more or less?

More or less means ‘mostly’, ‘nearly’ or ‘approximately’. We use it in mid position (between the subject and main verb, or after the modal verb or first auxiliary verb, or after be as a main verb). It is slightly informal: We had more or less finished, so we decided to go for lunch.

What does more frequently mean?

Use the adjective frequent to describe something done often and at regular intervals. The adjective form of frequent also means regularly and often encountered. …

What means at least?

phrase. You use at least to say that a number or amount is the smallest that is possible or likely and that the actual number or amount may be greater. The forms at the least and at the very least are also used.

How do you say not often?

Synonyms fora little.barely.hardly.rarely.seldom.hardly ever.scarcely.somewhat.

What is less used for?

It goes like this: fewer is used to refer to number among things that are counted, as in “fewer choices” and “fewer problems”; less is used to refer to quantity or amount among things that are measured, as in “less time” and “less effort.”

How do you spell left?

Correct spelling for the English word “left” is [lˈɛft], [lˈɛft], [l_ˈɛ_f_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What does less frequently mean?

It means it doesn’t happen that often.

What is the mean of less?

1 : constituting a more limited number or amount less than three less than half done. 2 : of lower rank, degree, or importance no less a person than the president himself. 3a : of reduced size, extent, or degree.

What type of word is less?

adverb, a comparative of little, with least as superlative. to a smaller extent, amount, or degree: less exact.

What is the opposite word of frequently?

(rarely) Opposite of at frequent intervals. rarely. seldom. barely. infrequently.